We develop and design the Malt collection near Brussels, Belgium. Our frames are handmade in Vietnam in our own workshop. The glasses are then repatriated to Belgium, where they are ready to be delivered to our network of independent opticians.


The close contact that we nurture with our network of independent opticians ensures a strong link between creation and the reality of the market. Of course, we are inspired by the beautiful things and the beautiful moments of everyday life that give rise to the space and the need for a functional but beautiful pair of glasses. But nothing is created out of a sense of vanity, our designers are in close contact with our network of independent opticians and are also directly inspired by the needs of the market.


We count on 30 years of expertise of the new manufacturing facility we have exported in Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam. We have set up our own production site to guarantee very good working conditions and remunerations that exceed the regular standards. 

To guarantee quality and stimulate innovation, our designers, product managers and sales people spend several weeks in the workshop over the course of the year. These close ties with the manufacturing process give us the tools to appreciate the high standards of the working conditions and quality, but also to ensure a permanent drive for manufacturing innovations and improvements.

The design

The collection looks far into the past, scans the present, and zooms into the future. We put our expertise and innovative work as manufacturer at the service of different eyewear trendsetters, without overlooking the technology and ergonomics that go hand in hand with the design. In addition to lens and bridge sizes, pupillary distance, temple distance and bridge fit are key measurements that ensure the functionality of a frame. Whatever the technique used, we make sure that each model meets these standards of ergonomics and comfort in line with the target.