the brand

Malt is an independent Belgian eyewear brand. We design and manufacture durable and high-quality frames. Our collection is well known for its design, technical details, ergonomics, and surprising combinations of materials.  


Listening, then creating

Each model is the outcome of a creative process firmly rooted in reality. Of course, we are inspired by the beautiful things and moments of everyday life that give the need for a functional but beautiful pair of glasses. On the other hand, nothing is created out of vanity, our designers are in close contact with our network of independent opticians and they are always directly inspired by the needs of the market. 

Integrating and transforming 40 years of experience

The story of Malt can be traced back to 1978, when Kinto, an iconic Belgian brand, took its first steps. A manufacturing site was set up near Brussels, creating at the same time a pool of knowledge and experience in eyewear. The collection was launched in 2013 on this solid foundation.  Kinto 

A global approach to eyewear

We create our glasses for those looking for a high-quality product, with a sophisticated design. We promote quality, ergonomics and functionality in the world of eyewear. We believe that diversity among manufacturers is important and that there will always be a customer base looking for products with values and a history.